I am Samarth Bansal, an independent journalist and computer programmer based in New Delhi. I studied mathematics and computing at IIT Kanpur. Journalism happened to me by chance: it was an accident.

I have worked with the data journalism teams of the Hindustan Times and The Hindu. In 2018, I did a five-month reporting fellowship with the investigative team of the Wall Street Journal in New York City as an Alfred Friendly Press Partners fellow.

In February 2019, I started my freelance career. I write long-form stories for various Indian and International publications, most of which lie at the intersection of technology, politics and policy — though, generally speaking, I am beat agnostic, and enjoy chasing stories that pique my curiosity. My freelance work has appeared in The Atlantic, HuffPost India, Livemint and Quartz. You can see selected stories here.

In January 2020, I got into the dual career mode, splitting time between hands on engineering and journalism. A friend and I tried building a news automation startup. It didn’t work out and we shut shop in six months. Now I work as a part-time engineer for AmuseLabs, a Bangalore-based startup.

I love reading non-fiction and can talk about books and ideas all the time. I enjoy dancing and traveling frugally, place high regard for quality leisure, almost paranoid about online privacy, and always resisting (and ranting about) the forces of attention economy manipulating us in doing things we don’t want to.

If you’d like to know more about my work and projects, want to discuss the future of news and digital technology, schedule a meeting, exchange ideas, write to me at samarthbansal@protonmail.com. I generally respond in a week. For updates about my work, please subscribe to my email newsletter.